Manuscript Submission

The paper should be submitted via online submission system:

We have additional information for the authors as follows:

[Wang Jimei Best Young Investor Award]
The authors who want to apply for the Wang Jimei Best Young Investor Award should apply at the paper submission by checking “Apply” in the questionnaire “Wang Jimei Best Young Investor Award”. All applicants should apply via online system by the deadline of paper submission.
The candidates should be a first author belong to an educational affiliation, up to 35 years of age for male or up to 40 years of age for female on the opening date of the conference.
All candidates should make a presentation in oral session. An exclusive poster session will be allocated for the nominated candidates.

[Invitation letter]
The authors who need an official letter of invitation would request to issue the invitation latter at the full paper submission by checking “Required” in the questionnaire “Invitation letter”.