In the International Conference of Electrical Power Equipment-Switching Technolgy (ICEPE-ST), there are following two Wang Jimei Awards. The award prize is provided by the WANG JIMEI funding.
  1) The first Wang Jimei Award is named “Wang Jimei Best Paper Award”.
  2) The second Wang Jimei Award is named “Wang Jimei Best Young Investigator Award”.
The Wang Jimei Award is established in ICEPE-ST 2011 in honor of Professor Wang Jimei.
The award will be given for the best, most significant presentation during the International Conference on Electric Power Equipment (ICEPE). The recipient is selected by a vote of the International Scientific Committee of the ICEPE-ST.
The award will be given at the closing ceremony.

Wang Jimei Best Paper Award

The potential candidates of "Wang Jimei Best Paper Award" will be the authors of ICEPE-ST2017 who have published their extended conference papers in international Journals.
 Wang Jimei Best Paper Award is presented to the full authors of one paper.
 Potential candidates should submit application with the published papers and the first author’s short CV to the Awards Committee via (
The voting results of the award committee will decide the results.
The award will be presented during ICEPE-ST2019. Only one paper can get this honor with 20,000 RMB cash prize.
Click here to take the detailed information such as nomination process.
Click here to obtain ICEPE-ST Wang Jimei Award Nomination Form.

Wang Jimei Best Young Investigator Award

The first author of a candidate paper should be less and equal to 35 years old for a man and less and equal to 40 years old for a woman in the year of conference held.
1. Potential awardees should apply the award when submitting full paper.
2. The first authors of all potential awarded papers should present his/her papers in oral sessions. The session chairs will grade these presentation with a score sheet.
3. The candidate authors will be re-scored in the poster session, which will be held on October 16, 2019. The members of International Scientific Committee vote for the final awardees through Q&A with the candidate authors. 3-5 candidates can be awarded "Wang Jimei Best Young Investigator Award".