Post conference tour

We are planning to hold post conference tour on October 17, 2019. The detailed information will be provided soon.

The post conference tour will be held on 17th, Thursday. It is provided travel agency of JTB. The course details and procedure for application will be announced later. The fee of post conference tour is JPY 9,000, which is not included in the conference fee itself.

Click here to take the detailed information.

The application for the post conference tour is now open. Those who want to attend this tour will be applied only from the online system of ICEPE-ST 2019.
Please log in your page and add your application to post conference tour by 20th Sep.
ICEPS-ST 2019 registration site:

Two courses are provided: (1) Toyota Course and (2) Dazaifu Couse.

if you have any questions about the post conference tour, please contact