Welcome Message from Conference Chairman

Welcome Message from Local Organizing Committee Chairman

On behalf of the local organizing committee, I would like to cordially invite you all to the fifth international conference on electric power equipment - switching technology, ICEPE-ST 2019, which will be held on 13th to 17th October, 2019, in Kitakyushu-city, Japan. The objective and focus of this conference is to encourage the innovation in the field of science, technology and application of electric power equipment especially switching technology. This time, we set the slogan of this conference as “Frontiers of switching technology for a future sustainable power system”. Based on this, we have already accepted more than 250 abstracts from all over the world, which are covering following scientific topics.
A. Switching phenomena in SF6 gas
B. SF6 alternative gasses for switching applications
C. Switching phenomena in vacuum
D. Switching phenomena in air
E. DC switching technology
F. Semi-conductor switching technology
G. Fault current switching technology
H. Fundamental physics and electrical insulation
I. Digital design and simulation in switchgear
J. Testing and measurement in switchgear
K. Operating mechanism in switchgear
L. Electrical contact
M. Digital and IoT application in switchgear
N. Others

In order to secure high reliability and safety in the modern electric power society, switching technology is one of indispensable technologies for electric power equipment. Since economic growth in Asian countries looks remarkable, a huge increase in electricity demand will be expected as before. Coping with this increase, developments of electrical power equipment with higher reliability and lower cost should be desired. I sincerely hope that many young engineers in these regions will be encouraged to join these engineering areas and do their best for the amazing growth of these regions. Based on these expectations, fifth conference will be held in Kitakyushu-city, Japan.

Kitakyushu-city of Fukuoka prefecture is the second largest city in Kyushu island with a population of about one million. The city is the industrial innovation city greatly contributed to Japan’s industrial modernization, such as Yawata Steel Works in Kitakyushu area, which is Asia’s first successful integrated iron and steel works, and UNESCO’s world heritage of sites of Japan’s Meiji industrial revolution, industrial heritages, etc. Moreover, Kitakyushu offers a lot of sightseeing spots such as scenic beauty places. In addition, along with changes in the industrial structure in recent years, high-technology industries including industrial robots, IC-related products and biotechnologies are being generated in this area.
I believe that inviting you from all over the world and from Japan to the valuable place of industry may be useful to all participants of this conference. From my heart, I wish you have good times during the conference, and enjoy it.

LOC Chairman of ICEPE-ST2019
Eiji Kaneko